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Binuksan ang Bagong Pabrika ng Taihua para sa UPVC Casings &Screens

Oras: 2020-12-16 Mga Hit: 30

In order to expand our business to water well drilling industry, we have invested a new factory which specializing in manufacturing UPVC casings & Screens, the factory owns complete production lines range from OD110mm-OD630mm UPVC casings, also has separate workshops for making threads and slots. The threads & slots could be customized.

UPVC casings are widely used for water well borehole drilling. It has many advantages than traditional steel pipes, like lighter weight, long service life, easy installations etc. We have already delivered our upvc casings to clients in Australia, Papua New Guinea and some other countries.

Taihua Petro not only provide solutions on oil & gas industry but also solutions on water well borehole drilling!

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