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Ang Hydrauling Casing Power Tongs order para sa Europe Client Nakumpleto

Oras: 2021-01-20 Mga Hit: 11

Thanks for client’s trust to Taihua Petro, at beginning of December 2020 , Taihua received a purchase order for four(4) sets of hydraulic casing power tong from our Europe client. The client is a local drilling contractor for oil& gas.

The casing power tongs are equipped with hydraulic power unit, back up tongs, torque recording systems as per client’s requirements. This casing power tong is suitable for 5-1/2”, 7” , 9-5/8”, 13-3/8”sizes casings. The power tong is fully meet API standard & CE directives. The casing power tong are already delivered during mid of January 2021.

Taihua Petro is always be delighted to assist any of your quires whether large or small!

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